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Polyurethane foam spray (SPF) adheres to almost every conventional roofing material so that it can be mounted on concrete, wood , steel and most current attic insulation systems in anchorage.
This saves and is known to be more environmentally friendly at the cost of attic insulation removal and landfill charges.

SPF roofing installers will spray the foam with a tapered attic system, removing the need for expensive tapered insulation systems.

Spray is often added to the cants and vertical wall terminations, making them an integral part of the attic structure and eliminating extra component costs and flashing materials.

What you need to know about about attic styles of insulation in anchorage?

Looking for the perfect attic insulation in anchorage ? The response depends on your "right" meaning. The best way to insulate an attic does not match with the most cost-effective way. But certainly, you knew it already.

First, let 's address the most popular attic insulation forms available: fiberglass batts, cellulose, fiberglass loose-fill and spray foam.

There are more choices, but the vast majority,of installations in Alaska attics, where I work, consist of these four materials.
As used below, the term "R-value" refers to the ability of the material to resist heat transfer and measurements look at.