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Anchorage, Alaska

Anchorage Insulation Group has extensive experience in both the commercial and residential fields.

When you think of home insulation in Anchorage, think Anchorage Insulation Group. We’ve been insulating homes and businesses in the Anchorage area since 2002, and we do it right. From attic insulation to spray foam insulation to blow in blanket insulation, we’ll add the right insulation in the right amounts in the right places to give you the most protection from the elements and high energy bills.

We want to provide your home or business with superior comfort. Our multiple teams of insulation technicians in Anchorage will help you pick the right materials and ensure that not only will your property be adequately insulated. But it will be energy-efficient as well, meeting state and local building mandates.

Members of our teams have certification as master craftsman and from industry organizations, including High Performance Insulation Professionals and Occupational Safety and Health Administration. From the roof to the crawl spaces to the garage, our experienced insulation professionals will carry out diligent, efficient work.

Our technicians have the training and certification to deliver an A+ job every single time. That is why when you are in search of insulation contractors in Anchorage, look to Anchorage Insulation Group. We will make sure you and your family experience a consistent level of comfort throughout your home. 


Attic Insulation

It is necessary to add insulation in your attic in order to maintains the desired temperature in all areas of your home.

Spray Foam Insulation

Energy efficient insulating material with one of the highest R-value ratings available and environmentally friendly!


Cellulose is an effective noise barrier and sound absorber.

Insulation Removal

Your old insulation is probably costing you money. Even worse, it could be a health hazard!

Blown Insulation

This type of insulation offers better coverage. It blows in easily and fills completely, reducing noise and moisture.

Cellulose Fiber Insulation

It offers more heat transfer resistance per square inch and seals the structure against air infiltration.